Dense peonies? THIS IS HOW THEY OPEN

Closed buds due to a sugar layer
For those who immediately grumble at the florist when the buds are closed: be glad you were sent home with closed buds. The longer the roses will last, once they are on your table. Moreover, those buttons are closed for a reason; it’s because of a little sugar coating. The peonies produce this themselves, so that the leaves remain glued shut. The solution is simple: rinse the roses carefully with lukewarm water. With the buds down, because you don’t want the water to run straight into the petals. The sugar layer washes away slowly, allowing the peonies to open.

Enough space
Once the buds open, you naturally want them to remain in their full glory for as long as possible. Then sufficient space is essential. Peonies can be 15-18 centimeters in diameter, and each rose needs about five hours of sunlight a day. So don’t put too many in a vase if you want to enjoy the roses for as long as possible. Are the buttons still not opening? Also check how much space the stems have, instead of just focusing on the buds. Peonies are not very fond of too much leaves in the vase, so you can remove them with confidence. Also handy: first cut the stems diagonally (and do not cut them). VoilĂ , before you know it the roses will be at their Easter best.

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