Plants for better concentration
For some, working from home is a great blessing, for others an almost impossible task. Because focusing on work while the overflowing laundry basket is staring at you and the fridge full of goodies keeps attracting your attention is not a good recipe for ticking a long to-do list. A simple plant could reduce the urge to stop working, as some houseplants improve your concentration, focus and productivity. And yes, it has been scientifically proven.

NASA researchers wanted to figure out which plants would improve the air in a space station. More oxygen in your brain means better concentration, which in turn ensures improved focus. The following four winners emerged from the survey:

Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)
The Ficus Elastica, better known as the rubber plant, fits into any interior. Vintage, classic or industrial, you can place the plant in your home without any worries. The plant has good looks (especially if you put it in such a stylish pot) and even better properties, because it is by far one of the most air-purifying plants. As a result, the green friend greatly improves your concentration. The rubber plant is very easy to maintain, a little watering once a week is enough. However, placement is important: it thrives best in a bright spot, in indirect sunlight.

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